Made in USA clothing is more popular than ever. This is mainly because we are more conscious about the clothing brands we buy from. Are the clothes I’m about to purchase made in China? Does this clothing company use fair labor practices or eco-friendly materials? Lately, these are some important questions conscious buyers are asking themselves before they plug their credit card info into ecommerce clothing stores.

For those of you who weren’t informed, buying made in America clothing avoids protectionism, helps reduce your carbon footprint, and offers a kind of precious sentimentality. Ultimately, buying American made clothing makes us feel like we’re supporting the betterment of our people and the planet by avoiding fast fashion and all that it stands for.

Unfortunately, a majority of top clothing brands are not made in the United States. The sad truth is that it’s just easier and cheaper for clothing companies to outsource all their production to countries overseas because they have a much lower cost of labor and an already streamlined designing and manufacturing infrastructure.